Board Member - Trisha Newell

Trisha Newell

Trisha Newell works in business administration at Microsoft and enjoys finding ways to use her career to give back to the community, particularly in ways that focus on animals. She has spent most of her life around equines, riding and caring for them.

Over the past few years she has developed a passion for creating deep relationships with equines and teaching them through positive reinforcement training that they have a voice. What seemed like just stepping into a new training philosophy has entirely changed the way she looks at and interacts with equines, opening her eyes to a seemingly different world.

Trisha will forever be grateful that her mare Tess was smart and persistent enough to teach her a new way of life.

When not at work Trisha likes to spend as much time as possible in her own personal paradise nestled in the hills between Monroe and Duvall, where she lives with her partner Ryan and their five canine and two equine children. And when not working on developing their sustainable vegan homestead, Trisha enjoys cooking, reading, sewing, pottery and generally learning about things that are useful and creative.

Drawn to volunteer at NWESC because of the organization’s integrity and commitment to bettering the lives of everyone it touches, Trisha is excited for the opportunity to work closer with the passionate people who make NWESC great.

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