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WE DID IT!!...Almost....

Round Pen Over the weekend of August 26-27th, NWESC and a group of AMAZING volunteers ‘deconstructed’ an already built, nearly new round-pen we purchased in July - transported it to NWESC, and got it ready for an upcoming ‘raise the round-pen roof’ work party!


Over the course of two days, 16 super-powered human beings helped us take down, pack up, transport, and unload a 60 foot round-pen – which included a 500lb vinyl roof, 16 ‘multi-hundred’ lb trusses, hundreds of boards, posts, thousands of screws, bolts, and a wraparound screen. No joke … our volunteers and supporters are top notch, the hardest workers … the best there is. Cindy, Tom, Mike, Trisha, Ryan, Eric, Jacob, Greg, Emily, Julie, Rita, Pedro, Mike, Cheryl, Ernie … and Max the dog … we are overwhelmed by and will be forever grateful for how much you give of yourself to our efforts and cause. You are our strength and motivation. Thank you. Always.


This incredible structure is going to provide shelter for horses rehabilitating from cruelty and neglect; it will create a safe space for trauma-impacted humans and equines to heal in our EFMHL program, and periodically – on special occasions - it will be a beautiful place in the fields for us to have dinner events under the twinkling stars and moonlight.

Round Pen 2


We will be doing some preliminary ground work and post setting over the next few weeks to get ready for the final phase of this exciting project: the ‘raising the round-pen roof’ work party weekend!

On a weekend TBD near the end of September, we will complete this NWESC bucket-list build. So, if you would like to be kept apprised of the pending Round-Pen work-party weekend dates in order to volunteer to help, please contact: info@nwesc.org. Thanks!!

Thank you SO, SO much to all who have gotten us to this point. We are excited to be on this wonderful journey with each of you!

Kim Sgro

Executive Director,


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