This year’s 3rd Annual HOOFSTOCK: NWESC Summer Solstice Music Fest (June 23th), we experienced pure love, kindness, energy, community, compassion, power, support, inspiration, creativity, incredible generosity, and fantastic music ... it was extraordinary! And although ‘thank you’ simply does not cut it for such a wonderful day, we would like to take a moment to celebrate the people who participated in and created this magical day:

School of Rock Lynnwood, The Replicators, Hannah Duffy, The Shady Rays Band, Simple Minded Symphony, and Eric Mueller … without you, this event would have been soul-less. Your music brought joy to the fields, sky, and our feet. We will never be able to thank you enough for this, but we will keep trying. See you ALL next year for the FOURTH Annual HOOFSTOCK!

John, Kurt, Bacchus, and Lee Oskar… without you, this event would have been sound-less … with your supplies, sound system, and music management expertise, you made this amazing thing happen! We are SO grateful for your time and resources year after year. You are incredible … our heroes.

Emily, thank you for keeping the entire system on track, and the musicians happy, healthy, and hydrated!

Erica Willsie-Knapp, Leona Friedman, Darlene, Jordan, and Breanna, … your talents as henna artists, hair braiders, face painters, and artistic compassionate movement makers (The Kindness Rock Painting Project) brought a beautiful spirit to our space. You are each remarkable human beings, and we send you our heart-felt thanks for joining and supporting us.

Cycle Dogs, Keaton and Lauren – where do I begin?? Your food was decadent, gooey, the talk-of-the-town, and to die for! My goodness – your Trash Can Dog is still being discussed amidst our circles to this day! We cannot wait to have you back again next year … and are SO thrilled you are up for it - see you in 12 months!

Diane and Peggy M … our joyful and laughter-filled info booth and raffle table keepers … thank you for overseeing (SO beautifully) the incredibly successful raffle event, and busy information booth. You made these dynamic responsibilities look super easy. You are remarkable.

Teagan G … ‘Flower Child’ Forest will be forever thankful for the love, care, and attention you gave him while he helped bring laughter to our day.

Mary and Cara … you were the perfect welcoming committee! I could not have imagined anyone better to greet all who came to join us in the festivities at NWESC. Your smiling faces and exceptionally competent demeanors were brilliant. Thank you so, so much!

Hannah … setting up was ‘almost’ enjoyable because of you – your time, efficacy, and muscle power were indispensable! Additionally – a HUGE thank you to you and Kari V. The two of you oversaw some very busy parking times, and managed it flawlessly! Thank you both with everything inside us!

Lillian G … our first aid angel … thank you for being there ‘just in case’.

Kelli W – your bravery to take on pre-HOOFSTOCK projects that you would never have considered before was inspiring to me! And I know you know this, but I’m going to say it anyway: A beyond-words thank you to you and Carrie R. The way the two of you moved in and out of different roles to fill essential needs – providing respites for others – was so thoughtful, astute, and just plain benevolent of both of you.

Rohit and Brumas – your happy smiles and delightful attitudes at the beer/wine serving table were dear to my heart. Your talents as bartenders and brewery connoisseurs made for a successful and busy day in the Beer Garden. Fantastic job! And needless to say, I can’t wait to work with you again next year!

And a BIG thank you to Northwest Cellars, Vashon Brewing, and Rooftop Brew Co. for providing us with the delectable beer and wine for our Beer Garden!

Jesse – thank you for starting us down the right path to a legitimate promotion protocol for HOOFSTOCK! I cannot wait to continue to work with you – and, together, watch HOOFSTOCK grow to the glorious summer solstice music festival it is meant to be!

Earl Valentine DeWald, your suggestion to hold a raffle draw, and then provide us with a stunning original art piece donation for the raffle was inspired and charitable beyond measure. Thank you with all my heart, Val. And a big congratulations to the lucky winner, Ishtar!

Lisa – thank you for picking up the slack wherever there was any. And thank you for being our Board Treasurer … ever-able to manage the cash flow with ‘anything/everything NWESC’. With this year’s HOOFSTOCK being so successful, your services were priceless!

Jeffrey, Chad, Sarah, and Cami … the best security sentinels we could have dreamed of. Your detail was impeccable. Thanks for traveling/healing to be with us, and thanks for the yuk yuks, too – same time/place next year!

Rita M – you are awe-inspiring. Your food for the bands, volunteers, and post- breakdown team was not only sustenance for our bodies, but also for our spirits. The love that you poured – and I mean poured - into the food you provided those who made HOOFSTOCK happen was magnificent. Your goodness and hard work was seen and appreciated by all of us. Thank you, Sweetie.

Mike O … your stages were show stoppers, once again, and I, personally, could not have done this without you. Your and Eric M’s hard work all the days leading up to the event were invaluable, and deeply appreciated!

Eric M … as if you didn’t give us enough with your beautiful voice at HOOFSTOCK, and the hard work you did onsite beforehand … your help to set up the event was marvelous. Thank you SO, SO much.

Alice Chapman and Daphne Jones … your Hula Hoops were a huge hit – barely touching the ground the entire day. Such a great addition!

Shawn Brockman … we’ve adored you since the first day we met you and Natalie Wouldn’t … but your new role as ‘band finder’ is crucial to us, without which there would be no HOOFSTOCK, clear and simple. Your contacts and support helped us get the spectacular talent we did – thank you!

Hannah Mueller – the kids ‘tickle trunk’ toys and activities added sparkle to the day and made it perfect for the littles (and thank you for creating such an outstanding organization).

Meg and John – your ‘farm strong’ help in breaking down the event was invaluable and kept many of us from keeling over - many thanks!

To our anonymous, matching fund challenger donor: thank you, thank you, thank you! Your profoundly generous gift was tripled in less than 30 minutes by the profoundly generous people who came to celebrate NWESC and HOOFSTOCK. We are speechless, and so very appreciative.

And last but, hands down, not least …

Sincerest gratitude to my support team: Brenda Breuer, Emily Ostrem, and Trisha – you guys ROCK! So much would have fallen through the cracks without you – thank you for being my right hand, my data keepers, my optimism, my ‘plan b & c’ recommenders, photographers, resource managers … my Rocks of Gibraltar.

And to all who attended, celebrated, and donated to NWESC on this glorious day …. thank you for making this the MOST successful HOOFSTOCK YET! Your joie-de-vivre was the special ingredient, and this day would not have happened without you. We are forever in your debt, and we march forward to help horses in need – with you by our side. Thank you.

Until next year, peace, love, and good music vibrations to all … and see you at HOOFSTOCK 2019 – Saturday, June 22nd, 2019!



Kim Sgro (Executive Director), and the NWESC Board of Directors

p.s. Next year’s HOOFSTOCK is already looking to be bigger and even more exciting, so if you are interested in helping us plan for it please contact:

All proceeds went to support the programs at Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC) - a horse rehabilitation, community resource, advocacy, education, and wellness organization.

GELDING CLINIC - May 6, 2018

After 10-clock hours, and TWO HUNDRED and THIRTY volunteer hours - 7 stallions and colts were gelded … time to celebrate!

On Sunday, May 6th at NWESC, the ‘village’ came together, once again, to collaboratively face, head on, arguably the worst problem horses, donkeys, ponies, and mules face today: overpopulation, and all the terrible effects that this problem brings with it (abandonment, starvation, neglect, horrific slaughter transport conditions, to name a few) . It is estimated that 140,000 homeless, beautiful equines are sent to slaughter annually. ANNUALLY. Now, due to a group of extraordinary people listed below – veterinarians, licensed vet techs, veterinary students, amazing NWESC volunteers, wonderful horse-families, and rescues - there will be 7 less equines contributing to the issues surrounding overpopulation!

A huge thank you to those who made this amazing day possible:

  • Dr Hannah Mueller (Cedarbrook Veterinary Care)
  • Dr Krystal Grant (Arlington Veterinary Hospital)
  • Dr Eric Renner (Rainland Farm Equine Clinic)
  • 13 Washington State University Veterinary Students (you know who you amazing human beings are!)
  • Jill Gallie, LVT
  • Kari Vaarvik
  • Diane Garwood, Certified Practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals
  • Emily Bullard-Clough
  • Kelli Welling
  • Caroline Morgan
  • Mike Ostrem
  • Meg Brooks and John Barry
  • Hannah Sykes and the rest of the Cedarbrook Farm Staff
  • The NWESC Board of Directors
  • … and especially the DJ&T Foundation for providing us with the funding for this gelding clinic - allowing us to increase the number of castrations we can perform over the next 12 months, and allowing us to help those in our community most in need.

    And finally, a tremendous expression of gratitude to the families and rescues who love their equines enough to know how important it was to take advantage of this gelding clinic opportunity.

    You are all heroes in our book. It has been an honor to know and work with you!

    And if you'd like to support our ongoing efforts to bring the community together to help horses, please join us at HOOFSTOCK - our summer solstice benefit music fest - on Saturday June 23rd!

    See more information above.

    With tremendous gratitude,



    Lisa Miller

    NWESC is thrilled and honored to introduce you to Lisa Miller, as we welcome her to our Board of Directors!

    Get to know Lisa HERE.

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