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Trisha Newell

NWESC is thrilled and honored to introduce you to Trisha Newell, as we welcome her to our Board of Directors!

Get to know Trisha HERE.


On Saturday, November 18th at NWESC, the ‘village’ came together, once again, to collaboratively face, head on, arguably the worst problem horses, donkeys, ponies, and mules face today: overpopulation, and all the heinous effects that this problem brings with it (abandonment, starvation, neglect, horrific slaughter transport conditions, to name a few) . It is estimated that 130,000 homeless, beautiful equines are sent to slaughter annually. ANNUALLY. Now, due to a group of extraordinary people listed below – veterinarians, medical technicians, veterinary students, NWESC volunteers, and wonderful horse-families - there will be 5 less equines contributing to the issues surrounding overpopulation.

A huge thank you to those who made this amazing day possible:

• Dr Hannah Mueller (Cedarbrook Veterinary Care)
• Dr Greg Haines (Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital)
• Dr Emily Fray (Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital)
• 14 Washington State University Veterinary Students (you know who you amazing human beings are!)
• Cindy Coker
• Hannah Sykes
• Kari Vaarvik and the rest of the Cedarbrook Farm Staff
• The NWESC Board of Directors

… and especially the DJ&T Foundation for providing us with funding for this gelding clinic - allowing us to increase the number of castrations we can perform over the next 12 months, and allowing us to help those in our community most in need.

And finally, a tremendous expression of gratitude to the families who love their equines enough to know how important it was to take advantage of this gelding clinic opportunity.

You are all heroes in our book. It has been an honor to know and work with you!

Happy Holidays!


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