Support a Clinic or Event

Did you know that there are many ways to support clinics and events that we hold here at NWESC? Your support of a clinic or event helps offset our administrative and supply costs so that we can dedicate the proceeds of the clinic or event to helping the horses in our care.

Below are some of the ways that you, your company or group can help support a clinic or event. Please note that all donations will be recognized on the clinic or event print materials and on-line.

Printing Costs

It costs approximately $150 per educational series to print books for distribution to those who attend our events. We will gladly accept gift cards from local printing resources, as well as monetary donations.  Please email us at if you are interested in supporting printing costs for one of our clinics or events.  


Nothing is better on a cold winter day than having a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to sip on. While we would love to provide refreshments for every clinic or event, our priorities lie with the horses that are in our care. Therefore, if you are willing to provide refreshments in the form of beverages and/or snacks for one of our clinics or events, please email us at for more information on how to help!

Materials or Supplies

Some of our clinics and events are hands-on and require that materials and supplies are purchased in order for the clinic or event to take place. Our Castration Clinics are a good example of this as medical supplies are needed in order to perform the castration procedures. Another example is our first aid educational series in which participants actually learn and do bandaging on our patient equine models.

If you are interested in providing materials or supplies or monetary assistance for the purchase of these supplies, please email us at for more information on how we can best utilize your assistance.

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